Replace Multiple CNC Lathes and Mills with One

To meet the high demands of the turned parts industry the SOHMAX can:

  • Reduce setup times
  • Increase flexibility to allow for high mix product batches
  • Speed up production for a faster throughput

Exceptional Productivity

The SOHMAX is a highly efficient and economical solution for manufacturing high volumes of moderately complex parts. Designed for manufacturers who need to simultaneously machine of both ends of shafts, rods, bars, axles, couplings, etc.

Faster Setup Times

  • Delivers unbeatable cycle times
  • Provides access to a variety of machining processes as part of a highly productive machine concept that makes resetting easy and operation simple
  • Functions range far beyond turning situations, allowing the complete machining of the workpiece including threading and milling, off-centre drilling, and full CNC control capability

Unrivalled Flexibility

  • Depending on cycle time, the load/off-load station can be dedicated still allowing 10 simultaneous operations.
  • Beds are available in different lengths depending on the product size.
  • 1m bed: components 100mm and 1m length.
  • Each station controlled independently


In addition to standard turning operations:

  • Broaching
  • Swaging
  • Crimping
  • Thread rolling
  • Hydraulic bending
  • Spline shaving/cutting

Applications can even include assembly operations.


  • Mill flats
  • Drill & tap cross holes
  • Mill slots
  • Face groove/mill

Extensive Tooling Options

  • Exceptional productivity: Less down time, less waste, higher profit.
  • Work pieces are hydraulically clamped onto the work surfaces allowing rapid loading and off-loading.
  • Components can be loaded into the machine, either manually, with a loading station, or robot

Features & Benefits

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