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Custom Automation Equipment Design & Manufacture

Cambridge Dynamics specialises in the design and manufacture of custom automation equipment. Our mission is to provide a high quality Engineering service from start to finish with a firm policy of using British components whenever practical. This is achieved by leveraging years of experience and an extensive range of in-house facilities including specialised tools for design and manufacture of mechanical, electrical, mechatronic and pneumatic systems.

With the ever present industrial priority of “Automate or Stagnate” it is necessary to incorporate various technologies from diverse sources to produce world leading products. It is not enough to simply purchase and operate off the shelf equipment with no competitive advantage. Today it is vital to obtain every advantage from the wealth of technology available and to invest in manufacturing systems designed for a specific purpose.

A team of design engineers covering mechanical, mechatronic, pneumatic, and electrical disciplines provides a wealth of engineering expertise and experience. This is applied using the latest CAD/CAM technology to provide fully featured 3D assemblies, reducing manufacturing time as well as assembly errors. This, together with back-up from highly skilled manufacturing engineers with modern CNC machinery and equipment, enable a wide range of industrial requirements to be considered.

A complete engineering facility from initial machine concept and design, through manufacture, assembly, testing, finishing and delivery to commissioning at the customer’s works.



Cambridge Dynamics Limited was incorporated in 1978 and has been growing and developing its skills, expertise and technology ever since. The company was the first to arrive at the Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate in Huntingdon in 1988 and has been a stalwart of the community ever since.

The company was initially involved in the manufacture of various custom coil winding systems and some of this equipment is still operational in the field some 30 years later. In fact if you have travelled by air in the last decade it is likely that you have been kept aloft by components manufactured on Cambridge Dynamics equipment.

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