Solvents Wash Down Bench

Washdown Bench



Cambridge Dynamics was approached by a client to design a washdown bench to replace there existing units in use.

The unit is a stainless-steel enclosed work unit which facilitates the washing of equipment using one of several different solvents.

Our design remit was the following.

  • Require a perforated work surface with drainage below. A shutoff valve is needed to swap out waste fluid containers. This must be easily accessible.
  • Work area must be ‘fluid sealed’ to prevent fluid from accumulating on inaccessible surfaces or in crevices and escaping containment. Surfaces where fluid may accumulate must be easily accessible for cleaning/wiping down.
  • The unit must have a front guard/window with apertures for hand/arm access which must in turn accommodate different height users. The window must be transparent and chemically resistant to the solvents used. The window must not be glass.
  • There must be provision below for various working fluids and waste, this will be in the form of a sealed tray, mounted in a drawer configuration below the wash area.
  • Minimum airflow at openings to be < 0.4m/s to ensure total capture of contaminants.
  • Extraction to be provided by the demonstrated Purex unit with an additional fluid trap.
  • Width of unit to be reduced to approximately 1.2m
  • Internal lighting to be supplied. This will be a commercially available unit and will be protected from splashing.
  • The unit will be earthed and ESD strap points will be included.
  • Bulkhead with pressure control to be provided for.

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