Wire EDM/Punch & Die

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a long-established and highly accurate method in the field of tool and machinery component fabrication.

At Cambridge Dynamics, we utilise CNC automated wire EDM machines to produce the most accurate results possible. Our long-developed expertise in this sector has enabled us to become industry leaders in the design and manufacture of custom automation equipment.

We also employ punch tooling processes (punch & die) to shear perfectly formed and positioned holes through material.

Here, we’ll explain a little about our use of specialist Wire Electrical Discharge Machines and punch & die along with the other services we offer.

Wire EDM at Cambridge Dynamics

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining involves the use of a wire electrode to apply a powerful electrical discharge to the item on which we are working in order to remove material and achieve a particular shape.

This technique does not involve direct contact with the tool and the item being worked on. The “cutting” is instead performed by the electrical discharge produced, enabling smooth, precise edges to be created without any change of damage to the work piece.

While wire EDM techniques have been around since the 1960s, the development of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) has allowed the process to be automated and made even more accurate.

This means that the team at Cambridge Dynamics can use this approach to produce any number of components at a time – whether our clients are looking for one-off parts or large quantities of items.

Punch & Die

Punch & die is another long-established metal fabrication method – but this approach involves the use of a tool to “punch” a precisely shaped hole in the piece of material in question. The excess “slugs” removed from the material with each punch is recycled wherever possible.

As with Wire EDM machining, the punch & die process at Cambridge Dynamics is CNC automated, making it quick, effective and reliable. Again, this allows us to repeat the process multiple times with an exceptional degree of accuracy.

Other Services at Cambridge Dynamics

As well as our Wire EDM and punch & die methods, Cambridge Dynamics offers a wide range of techniques to produce anything from individual components to entire machine assemblies with great precision.

From CNC turning and milling to profile cutting, pressing and plenty more besides, our up to the minute equipment provides industry leading results every time.

Our specialists are able to provide their services at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the creation of an initial concept or design, to the manufacturing stages, to the assembly, testing, finishing and delivery of the resulting machinery or components.

We can even manufacture bespoke control systems to operate the machinery we have created for you.

For further information or to discuss a potential project with us, feel free to get in touch using our handy online contact form. We ask prospective clients to provide as much detail as possible about their requirements so that we can work with them effectively and accurately.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting in any way we can.