Roll Out Screen Fatigue Testing Rig

Roll Out Screen Fatigue Testing Rig


This Large-scale test rig was designed and manufactured to analyse the life-cycle of a Roll Out screen under a range of
loading conditions and observe the change in nature of the screen through fatigue testing. in doing so predict the lifespan and potential risks of screens.

Our design remit was to;

● Design rig to open and close full range of motion
● The test rig must accommodate at least 2 screens
● This test rig will be a proof of concept,  for future product testing
● Used to observe change in screen performance over repeated extension and retraction

The proposed process would comprise of the following steps:

  • The operator would call up the correct product from a recipe system.
  • The correct product would be loaded onto the base of the test machine. This will require some manual intervention to fasten the product onto the correct location on the test machine.
  • The test would be initiated based on the predetermined test parameters.
  • The product would then be run until failure or manual cessation or the completion of the test cycles




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