Design & Development

Cambridge Dynamics’ primary product is the design and manufacture of bespoke automated equipment and production lines for customers. The case studies show a selection of the projects that the company has completed.

Case Studies

Machining Centre

Cambridge Dynamics introduces a unique new machining centre in partnership with


Cambridge Dynamics announces the introduction of a multi-stage, indexing, machining centre for the high-volume production of complex, simultaneously machined, components driven by the latest FANUC 30i model B controller. Designed for manufacturers who require high volume simultaneous machining of both ends of shafts and components the machining centre replaces multiple CNC lathes and milling machines with one highly flexible machine capable of multiple operations.

The company was originally tasked by a customer to replace an old bespoke machine which had become inefficient and difficult to service.  The design review undertaken by CDL’s engineers revealed a more powerful solution which would have the flexibility to be used across several applications and in various manufacturing industries.  The machining centres have subsequently been specified for automotive and general industrial applications.


Machining Centre including loading station and swarf removal conveyor

Specifically designed around the requirements of manufacturers who need to machine bars, rods or other components in high volume with multiple machining operations, the machining centre is capable of 12 simultaneous machining operations on 6 components and sequentially delivering these components to the unload/loading station in a cycle time significantly faster and on a smaller footprint than alternative solutions. There are many applications for the machine but the first machines are being manufactured for automotive applications and general manufacturing applications.

Operation of the Centre

The machining centre has a centre carousel comprising 6 beds.  The carousel indexes by 60° and after each movement up to 12 machining operations can be performed on the components.  Depending on cycle time the load/off-load station can be dedicated still allowing 10 simultaneous operations.  The beds are available in different lengths depending on the product size.  The first machines have a 1 meter bed accommodating components between 100mm and 1 meter in length.  Since each station is controlled individually by the Fanuc controller and the BT40 spindles can accept any compatible tool, including through spindle, low or high pressure, cooling tools, the available options are almost infinite.

Work pieces are hydraulically clamped onto the work surfaces allowing rapid loading and off-loading.  A component can be loaded into the machine, either manually, by means of a loading station, or by robot. Spindle power can be specified per operation depending on customer requirements.  Up to 10kW per spindle is available as a standard option, however higher power spindles can be installed on request.  Stations can also comprise hydraulic bending, swaging, crimping, thread rolling, welding etc… etc.  The station options are endless and could include assembly operations.

The machining centres are specified and built to customer requirements allowing for optimal solutions to be provided

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Other Products

Cambridge Dynamics also has a range of Dog Ring Gearkits, Limited Slip Differentials and Gearsets available for a wide range of vehicles and gearboxes for Motorsport applications.  These are manufactured to the highest specification and have numerous championships and successes to their credit.

Gearkits and Limited Slip Differentials

Dog Ring Gearkits for a number of vehicles and gearboxes are available.  These are generally made to order but certain models are available ex stock.  Prices start from £1800.00

LSD’s are available for most popular applications.  These are clutch type and prices start at £350.00

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Replacement gearsets in various ratios and dog rings are available not only for the Gearkits which Cambridge Dynamics supplies but also for the Hewland LD200, FT200 and FT300 gearboxes.  The LD200 ratios are generally available ex-stock with the other models available to order.

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