Case Studies

GKN Aerospace

The ability of the company to manufacture high precision jigs and fixtures resulted in numerous projects for assembly Jigs to aid Aircraft windscreen manufacture and in particular to apply high technology coatings to aircraft canopies. Due to the nature of these projects, unfortunately no technical details or information can be provided on this project suffice…

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F1 Team Gearbox Test Rig

Cambridge Dynamics designed and manufactures a hydraulic gearbox test rig using high speed MOOG control systems for use on championship winning F1 cars. The team found it essential to ensuring that the gearbox was operating optimally after each race meeting and after regular servicing.  This was test rig was provided in 2007 and in mid-2015…

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Flushing Rig for Turbo Oil Feed Pipes

Most modern Diesel engines are now fitted with a turbocharger for improved efficiency and higher power output. A turbocharger consists essentially of a turbine driven by the exhaust gases leaving the engine, directly connected to a rotary compressor. The compressor forces more air into each cylinder than is possible when relying upon atmospheric pressure to…

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Manufacturing Lawn Trimmers

Cambridge Dynamics used their expertise in palletised transfer systems to help one of the world’s leading manufacturers of garden machinery optimise production of a new range of lawn trimmers. They designed, manufactured and commissioned an entire production line consisting of four manual assembly stations, two automated assembly stations, two automatic test stations and an unload…

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Lawn Mower Durability Test Rig- Can you SMASH my Lawn Mower?

It is not often that we are asked deliberately to try and break something, but Cambridge Dynamics staff will rise to any challenge! Following hard on the success of their Lawn Trimmer Production Line (Case Study 2) the same customer invited us to design and build an accelerated life testing rig for rotary lawn mowers…

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Controlling a Wind Tunnel

Cambridge Dynamics have worked closely with Moog Controls limited for many years, Moog were the first company to produce a programmable digital servo controller (PSC) and we have successfully used this controller in a wide variety of applications from machine tools to high security access gates for the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment. This case study…

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