Bowers & Wilkins K2 Press

Bowers & Wilkins are High-end audio specialist who make some of the world’s most advanced home cinema and hi-fi speakers, including Abbey Road’s reference system, Wireless Music Systems such as Zeppelin Air, and high-performance mobile-hi-fi headphones.

Cambridge Dynamics was contracted to design and manufacture a high precision forming machine to enable Bowers & Wilkins to form the laminate speaker casings for the high end Diamond 802 series of speakers. The forming machine is unique in that it utilises precision ball screws to provide a vertical clamping load of 120 tons and a horizontal clamping load of 60 tons.

The forming press machine features a sophisticated motion control system which automatically sets the machine to each individual tool utilising RFID identification. The machine required Cambridge Dynamics to handle heavy structural work and the final mass of the machine was 16 tons.

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