What is a computer numerical control forming press?

Forming presses are common in manufacturing, used to manipulate metal and other materials to create products or parts. But because there are so many different types of forming press machines, choosing the right one can seem daunting.

Numerical control forming presses are a modern type of press, that can speed up the manufacturing process by removing some of the manual work.

But what exactly makes numerical control forming press machines different, why should you choose one and how can it benefit your business.

Firstly, what is a forming press?

A form press is the machine used to ‘deform’ a material, often metal, in a variety of ways including bending, embossing, punching and stamping.

A forming press machine works by pressing a plate against the material that is being deformed using high pressure. A worker will position the material and will control and activate the machine to ensure the correct shape is formed each and every time.

Form pressing is used in the manufacturing process of so many every day appliances including televisions and washing machines. Even eyeglasses, cutlery and coins are created using forming presses.

One increasingly popular forming press machine is a numerical control forming press.

But what is a numerical control forming press and how is it different?

Computer numerical control is when a machine is controlled through software. Therefore, as you’d expect, a computer numerical control (CNC) forming press machine incorporates this software into the manufacturing process.

During the CNC forming press process, computer software will translate your model product into a numerical code. This numerical code will then direct the forming press going forward.

CNC Forming Press machines are a popular option when it comes to form pressing thanks to the many benefits they bring.

What are the benefits of a computer numerical control forming press?

A computer numerical control forming press comes with a number of benefits.

When using a CNC forming press machine, the same product is guaranteed every single time within the same batch. This is because once the numerical code has been created, every product will be created to this same code – therefore, there is no chance of human error during the manufacturing process.

Plus, you can store the numerical code in your software. So, if after a little while you decide to run another batch of a previous product, you can set this up with ease.

Computer numerical control forming is a preferred choice for many when a combination of forming techniques is needed. Because all of the instructions are controlled into the machine, a technician won’t be required to control the machine, therefore saving your business time and labour costs.

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