What is a composite press?

Here at Cambridge Dynamics, we are proud to supply and use a wide range of press machines to create unique and specialist parts of machinery and equipment.

This includes composite presses.

The highly modern and efficient piece of machinery enables the fabrication of specialist parts and equipment for various industries.

Today we’ll explore everything you need to know about composite presses at Cambridge Dynamics.


What is a composite press?

A composite press machine simply dissolves two materials together to create one.

High temperatures bind the materials together to create a pressed particle, equaling a much more durable and robust material that can be used industry-wide.


How does a composite press work?

A precise metal tool is put into the composite press unit and heated up.

The composite materials are prepared and put into a heated mould.

By applying high pressure and force, the composite press is then activated, manipulating the material into the desired shape.

The shape is then left to consolidate or cure if thermosetting is used.

Being such a valuable and necessary piece of machinery, it’s vital we keep up to date with advances and improvements to produce high-quality materials for our customers.

This is why we use sophisticated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology that can be programmed to the tightest possible tolerance, leading to precise replicate designs each and every time.


What are composite presses used for?

Being such a cost-effective and efficient method of producing high volumes of components, composite presses are popular in many industries.

As you can choose the composite materials you’re binding together, many composites we produce are FRPs (fibre-reinforced polymers) – a group of materials that boost coveted properties such as corrosion resistance and insulation.

Composite press units are typically used in the aerospace and automotive industries to create structural parts. It’s clear to understand why when they can withstand extreme environments, including the harshest of downpours

Many of our customers utilise our composite press machines to create metal oxides that conduct electricity effectively, for items like electric cables and silicon computer chips.

Composite manufacturing is the ideal option for companies needing large production runs with a short lead time.


How to get a composite press

Cambridge Dynamics have been supplying composite presses to businesses up and down the UK for years, as well as fabricating shapes on their behalf.

We pride ourselves on our expert team who are more than equipt to operate and supply specialist press machines.

For more information on our services, all you need to do is get in touch with us today.

If you’d like to arrange for us to use our composite press machines to create parts needed for your business, send us an email at enquiries@cambridgedynamics.co.uk. We ask you to include as much information as possible about your project, to ensure the greatest level of precision and accurate results.

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