What are the uses of modern forming presses beyond stamping and punching?

If you’ve interacted with any metallic object today – or any object comprised of metallic parts – chances are you’ve used something that has been made as a result of pieces created through the forming press process.

However, the term ‘forming press’ can account for machinery that manipulates metals in numerous ways, to create pieces that can be used in the manufacturing process across virtually every industry. 

For this reason, if you are looking at onboarding forming press processes within your business or improving the processes you already have, it is important to consider all the options on the table – because metal forming presses and the processes involved can be so wide-ranging. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at just some of the ways forming techniques can be used to manipulate metals into the correct complex shapes.

What is press forming?

A metal forming press is used to describe any press machine that uses pressure (usually with a hydraulic press) to manipulate sheet metals into further products. 

‘Punching’ and ‘stamping’ are two of the most common forms of metal forming processes, to the point where these machines are often referred to as a ‘punching press’ and ‘stamping press’ concurrently – though this is not always accurate. The terms have seemingly become wrongfully interchangeable. 

If we’re being specific, stamping presses utilise high-pressure and specifically crafted dies to ‘stamp’ a shape into a piece of metal. Punch presses follow the same function, the only difference being the pressure is used to ‘punch’ a shape out of the material, rather than simply reshaping it.

How can metal presses be used beyond punching and stamping – and what are the results?

Here are just some of the other metal fabrication processes beyond stamping and punching:


Metal Press Bending

As the name suggests, in this context, the term ‘bending’ refers to applying pressure to sheet metal to bend it into the desired shape. 

This is commonly used to create simple angles, such as right-angle pieces (in the shape of an L) or V shapes. By folding the metal along a single axis, these easy-to-produce pieces can be used across a huge range of industries, including everything from construction to the automotive sector.


Metal Press Blanking

While many press machines are used to produce intricate, detailed pieces in various shapes, this isn’t always the case. Blanking, for instance, is often used to produce flatter, 2D shapes to be used in a wide variety of ways. 

Once again, blanking is commonly used to make pieces for the automotive industry, though it is also used to produce many household appliances, such as fridges and ovens, to name but a few.


Metal Press Embossing

This is a term you may be familiar with. Embossing refers to using concentrated pressure to create detailed impressions in metal, resulting in raised or recessed creations. 

While other forming press processes can be used to create larger, more robust pieces for manufacturing, embossing is often used to create smaller, more intimate details for visual effect. 

This can include designs for such items as metal jewellery, but can also be used in applications with leather, card, and a range of other materials.


Metal Press Turning

Sheet metal turning refers to the process of altering the shape of metals that have already been pressed into a flat or symmetrically tubular shape, so they can be further manipulated by ‘turning’ them against a die. 

This action melds the metal to meet the required dimensions. 

This process is often used to create bowl or vase-like shapes that can be applied in many separate pieces of machinery.

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