What are the different types of hydraulic presses?

Hydraulic presses – or composite presses, as they are also known – are a widely used resource across a number of industries, including aerospace and jewellery-making.

A hydraulic press refers to the process of using high temperatures to bind the materials within the composite press.

Although similar, each type of composite press unit produces slightly different results.

Here, we’ll talk you through the ins and outs of the composite presses we have available at Cambridge Dynamics.


Four-column hydraulic press

Mainly used for precise tooling applications, this type of composite press guarantees a smooth and easy operation that requires minimal maintenance.

This is the perfect option if high pressures are needed in order to produce a specific component.


Single-column hydraulic press

If you’re looking for a composite press unit that works well with sheet metal and plastics, this C-frame hydraulic press is ideal.

With excellent rigidity, speed, and guide performance, this composite press allows you to form, bend, and deep-draw your chosen material with ease.

The best part – if you wish to invest in one of your own – is that they consume far less space than other options, making it perfect for small and medium-sized facilities.


Horizontal hydraulic press

If you’re looking for a composite press unit that can contour, straighten, and punch, the horizontal hydraulic press guarantees precise results every time.

Consisting of unique and easy-to- assemble parts, this type of composite press uses a hydraulic system to prevent overloading – ensuring it is safe to use at all times, while guaranteeing a long lifespan.


Two-pillar hydraulic press

This involves either an oil or water press based on the fluid used for transferring power, depending on the needs of the user – for example, a water press composite press is usually used for forging and stamping.

Other equipment can be intergrated into this system to create a unique composite press unit that meets the requirements of the user.


What are the benefits of hydraulic presses?

Hydraulic presses are known for easily producing high volumes of structurally sound components for a range of different industries.

By using CNC (Computer Numerical Control), we are able to create duplicate items as and when you need them, with no errors – you’re guaranteed accurate results every time when you come to Cambridge Dynamics.

Considering how modern the technology of a composite press is, the results are highly cost-effective.

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Find out more with Cambridge Dynamics

Whether you’re wanting to obtain a hydraulic press of your own, or need a material to be fabricated and shaped on your behalf, Cambridge Dynamics is here to help.

Our team is highly experienced industry-wide, meaning we’re able to quickly and effectively produce the necessary items.

We can also give you support and advice on which composite press unit is best for your manufacturing requirements. When you get in touch, simply tell us your requirements with as much detail as possible, and we can recommend the most suitable option.

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