What Are the Benefits of a Forming Press?

Forming presses are used in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Car parts and household appliances, even cutlery – you’d be surprised how many everyday things are created using form presses.

Like with most manufacturing processes, forming press machines have come a long way over the years.

But what exactly are the benefits of a modern forming press and how can one help your business?

Forming presses are incredibly versatile

One of the biggest benefits of a forming press is the versatility, making them perfect for use in a number of areas within the manufacturing sector including vehicle parts and even television body panels.

Because of their adaptability, most forming press machines are suitable for short or long production runs, even small pilot runs.

With so many types of forming presses available, each with its own outcome, there’s always a way to incorporate one into your existing process to help streamline it.

Streamline your manufacturing processes

Forming presses combine multiple tooling techniques into one machine.

So, once your machine is set up to your specific shape, you won’t need to touch the settings again for this production run, meaning your production time can be greatly reduced which in turn will increase the speed of productivity.

This streamlined process is only enhanced when choosing a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

When using a CNC machine, computer software is used to translate a model of your component into a numerical code, this code is then used to tell your machine how to create your desired shape – right down to a fraction of a millimeter.

Moreover, if you choose to use a CNC machine, your design can be saved for future use, meaning you won’t need to go back to the drawing board or recall complicated measurements.

Using a forming press during your manufacturing process can reduce, or in some cases even eliminate, the need for post-processing, therefore saving you time cleaning your products – an unexpected yet welcomed benefit for many.

Increased product consistency

Another significant benefit of forming presses is the guaranteed precision every single time.

Remove the risk of human error and instead produce the exact same product each time in your production run. This consistency is increased even more when using a CNC forming press machine.

Reduced manufacturing costs

The cost of any new machinery is always at the forefront of a business owner’s mind.

Thankfully forming press machinery tends to be cheaper than other fabrication machinery.

Aside from the obvious cost savings included in the machinery itself, investing in a forming press can reduce your labour costs, as the process itself will be streamlined and carried out by the machine rather than your team.

This also allows you to turn your team’s focus to other areas.

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Ultimately, forming presses are an incredibly versatile addition to any manufacturing process.

Get in touch with your experts to discuss your requirements and find out how you could experience these benefits for yourself.

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