How are modern forming presses so efficient?

Presses have been used in some form for hundreds of years.

Shaping, altering, and cutting metals and similar materials, forming presses completely changed the manufacturing process and allowed the creation of countless items across many industries.

Every industry, from construction to electronic components to space travel, has benefitted from the results forming presses provide.

As technology has progressed, so has the forming press’s ability to produce items accurately and in record time.

Modern forming presses are lightning fast

Once upon a time, you had to shape metals by hand.

This was an incredibly time-consuming process and is nothing in comparison to the speed and efficiency of modern forming presses.

Able to manipulate hundreds of pieces in very little time, the speed at which modern forming presses get the job done has allowed other industries to complete their work quicker than they once thought possible.

This boost in speed is, in part, thanks to the efficiency provided by automation. Speaking of which…

Modern forming presses can be automated

Automation has revolutionised the way businesses everywhere create products and fulfil services.

It used to be the case that metal forming was completed piece by piece. But today, thanks to advancements in automation technology like CNC forming, it’s as simple as choosing your desired result and loading your forming press with your chosen materials.

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, uses computer software to control the shapes produced by forming presses. Because this is an automated process, it’s far more accurate on a larger scale and removes the risk of continuous human error for excellent efficiency.

Modern forming presses are unbelievably accurate

Human hands simply can’t match the accuracy achieved by machines.

If you need a lot of products with the same measurements produced quickly, a forming press is the way to go.

Thanks to processes like CNC mentioned above, these pieces are exceptionally accurate when compared to the results that could be achieved by a human worker.

Not only are they accurate, but they’re accurate down to the millimetre time and time again, with virtually no need to interfere with the machine.

You won’t even need to get involved if you need to alternate between shapes. With CNC, you’re able to pre-program different shapes or cuts as part of the same process, with the forming press making the changes for you.

Modern forming presses are far more cost-effective than alternatives

All of the above benefits and more make modern forming presses a cost-effective solution.

Of course, they’re a more cost-effective option than physical labourers who need to be paid a salary. But if you’re using slower, outdated presses as part of your manufacturing processes, you could be losing time and profits as a result.

The faster and more efficiently you’re able to produce products, the quicker you’ll see increased profits.

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