Benefits of Ball Screw Press

Cambridge Dynamics are one of the leading providers of ball screw presses in the UK. Our team create the specialist machine for a wide variety of industries to create an endless list of products.

From forming presses to custom press solutions, we have what you need to create industry-specific tools, parts, and equipment quickly and efficiently.

But how else can they benefit you?

Today, we’ll take you through just some of the advantages of the ball screw presses we have available here at Cambridge Dynamics.


Ball screw presses guarantee accuracy

The main reason companies are attracted to ball screw presses is because of how accurate they are.

Computed with CNC technology, ball screw presses are instructed to perform using the precise measurements provided. This means the exact same shape is produced each and every time, leaving no room for error.

We understand that as a business, you have no time for faulty products or misshapen parts, which is why our press solutions are able to produce the same item again and again with ease.


Need a large number of parts at once? Ball screw presses can help

When prospective customers come to us at Cambridge Dynamics and ask why they should invest in a ball screw press, the first thing we talk about is how much they can produce at once.

Being a computer-operated machine, ball screw presses only require you to input your required measurements once. From here, you can specify the number you need and get pressing.

Any measurements you use can be saved on the CNC system, so you can go back in the future and create more of the same item with the reassurance that it will look exactly the same as the previous batch.


Ball screw presses are an affordable option

If you take into consideration the flexibility and the amount it can produce, ball screw presses are one of the most affordable pieces of machinery available.

A range of metals and alloys can be used with a ball screw press, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, beryllium, and bronze.

No matter the shape and thickness of your metal, a ball screw press can create a limitless selection of parts, tools, and equipment, all while saving you time and money.


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