A Guide to Ball Screw Presses

Ball screw press units are used globally to assist customers in a wide range of industry-specific projects.

Used to create everything from medical tools to sporting equipment, ball screw presses are an affordable and reliable resource to manufacture detailed and precise parts for a range of industries.

Today we’ll be going through the ins and outs of ball screw presses, including some frequently asked questions we get from new and existing customers.

What is a ball screw press?

Ball screw presses may sound more complicated than they actually are.

They simply use a ball-operated screw to manipulate metal and produce a variety of different parts, tools, and machinery.

Whether you need to emboss, connect, stamp, or press metal, a ball screw press unit guarantees precision in every outcome.

Although each screw ball press works slightly differently to shape the metal, they all use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology to replicate designs quickly and accurately.

How will my business benefit from using ball screw presses?

The key benefits of ball screw presses are speed, accuracy, and affordability.

Due to the way ball screw presses produce shapes, you’ll struggle to gain such precise outcomes elsewhere.

Once you have logged your required measurements and dimensions into the CNC programming tool, they are there for you to use freely whenever you need a new batch.

Although ball screw presses promise limited waiting time and results you won’t be disappointed in, you can have access to them for a fair yet competitive price, making them excellent value for money.

Are there different types of ball screw presses?

‘Ball screw press’ is the umbrella term for a variety of different presses.

We offer three different types of ball screw press here at Cambridge Dynamics, which all work in slightly different ways, making them more suited to certain industry types and projects.

For example, composite presses ‘press’ two materials together using high temperatures. Metal oxides can be formed using this type of ball screw press, making them the recommended option when it comes to electric cables and computer chips.

On the other hand, punch and stamp presses simply stamp out a shape from a piece of metal quickly and precisely. This type of ball screw press works perfectly to create parts needed for home appliances and construction tools.

Many people choose assembly presses as they offer similar results to welding, but require much less maintenance. Being able to create large volumes at such a low cost makes them excellent value for money.

At Cambridge Dynamics, we want to make sure each and every customer is able to acquire the desired outcome, which is why we also offer custom press solutions. Used for more niche projects, our custom ball screw presses allow you to design your press for the entire assembly or just a single component.

Want to know more about the types of ball screw press options that are available? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Cambridge Dynamics is here to help

The team here at Cambridge Dynamics has spent years building up their knowledge on ball screw presses, including their uses, benefits and more.

With so many uses and variations, it can be hard to know if a ball screw press is what you need.

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