3 signs you should invest in an industrial punch press for your business

Punch presses work as an essential component of modern production processes, contributing millions upon millions of pieces in the manufacture of products across all industries on a global scale.

Punch press machines use excessive pressure and specifically shaped dies to “punch” holes and shapes into materials like sheet metal, so those materials can be used for further applications. Most punch presses utilise a hydraulic cylinder to create the necessary force to punch sheet metal.

If you run a business in which these processes are essential to produce the products you need to delight your customers, you’ll understand just how important punching materials can be.

But perhaps you’re still using manual or outdated methods to punch your materials, and maybe you’ve expanded beyond your previous demand to the point where a punch press machine could come in handy.

If you’re wondering whether mechanical punch presses or automated punch presses could be the right move to keep the ball rolling with your business, read on.

Why a punch press could be the right move

You’re unable to punch materials in time to meet demand

As businesses grow, the demand for their products and/or services always increases. If you’ve needed to punch sheet materials to craft your products, but have still been doing so by hand – or using ineffective machines – a punch press could be just the ticket.

With a punch press, you’ll be able to punch materials and make your products at a far greater rate, helping you meet customer demands and capitalise on the wave of popularity you’re experiencing at the moment.

This is especially true for a CNC punching machine. CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’ and is the technology that allows punch presses to automate the punching of mass amounts of sheet material to meet demand. Speak to the team at Cambridge Dynamics if you’d like to know more about CNC presses.

You have the funds to invest in easier and more efficient processes

If your business has reached the point where you’re raking in good cash and have some left over to re-invest in the business, it could be a wise move to invest in more efficient punch press processes, if they’re a big part of your day-to-day.

By investing in an industrial punch press, you’ll take much of the strain away from your employees – or yourself if you’re a ‘one-man-band’ – and make your production methods a far less strenuous exercise.

You’re worried about the accuracy of your products without proper punching machines

Once upon a time, human hands were responsible for the creation of every product that ever ended up on a shelf or in the hands of a consumer.

But, in the modern day, automated processes and computer programs offer us a far more efficient and, more importantly, accurate way of producing the things we need.

If you have been relying on the steadiness of your own hand to produce the products involved in your business, a punch press could help you maintain a higher level of product quality and deliver a level of accuracy that was previously impossible to achieve. 

Ultimately, this should increase the number of customers impressed with your products and, hopefully, result in repeat and increased business.

Speak to Cambridge Dynamics for all your punch press needs

Does an industrial punch press sound like the right way to go? Whether it’s a manually operated press or an automated one, the Cambridge Dynamics team is here to answer all of your questions and point you in the direction of a punch press that will work best for you. Get in touch today.

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