CNC Profile Cutting

CNC profile cutting involves the use of plasma, oxyfuel, gas or highly pressurised water to cut shapes out of sheets or plates of metal.

At Cambridge Dynamics, we provide a bespoke CNC profile cutting service to meet the most precise of specifications. Read on to find out a little more about the process of profile cutting and to learn about the services we offer.

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Using a CNC Profile Cutter

Profile cutting involves the use of a specialist machine “table” on which a plate or sheet of metal is placed flat. Upon command, a nozzle on the machine releases a concentrated jet of plasma, gas, oxyfuel to cut the metal.

The arm on which the nozzle is mounted can move in any desired direction on a horizontal plane to accurately “carve” a precise shape without burrs, scratches or chips.

Because we use a highly accurate CNC profile cutting machine, the team at Cambridge Dynamics are able to automate this process, programming in extremely accurate dimensions to ensure a perfect result every time.

Due to the level of accuracy we are able to achieve, the same shape can be replicated perfectly over and over again.

Our Products

Thanks to the sophisticated automation and streamlined nature of our processes, Cambridge Dynamics is able to produce any quantity of profile-cut material, from one-offs to large quantities.

We use the latest CAD/CAM technology and the most up to date CNC machinery to provide industry-leading services, making Cambridge Dynamics the go-to manufacturer of anything from individual parts to full assemblies.

Use Cambridge Dynamics for All Your Machine and Component Manufacturing Needs

Launched in 1978, Cambridge Dynamics has remained at the forefront of machine manufacturing ever since. We keep on top of every advancement in the world of machinery design, fabrication and finishing, providing our clients with only the very best results.

As well as exceptionally accurate CNC profile cutting, we are able to provide milling and turning services for individual components or large runs, as well as the design, manufacture, assembly, testing, finishing and delivery or entire bespoke machinery systems and solutions.

We can even design your control systems, tying each element of your processes together neatly and accurately.

How to Use Our CNC Profile Cutting and Other Services

To learn more about the way in which we work and the services we provide, simply get in touch with the Cambridge Dynamics team today using our online contact form.

Please provide as much detail as you possibly can when describing a project to us, as this will help us to determine exactly what you need and how best to fabricate the required components.

We are able to design and manufacture components and entire machine assemblies to exceptionally tight tolerances based on detailed specifications. The satisfaction of our clients is vital to us, so we welcome any and all questions and requests for advice.

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